SF AC Suggests Funds Committee

In its last meeting of the year, the Student-Faculty Advisory Council yesterday unanimously passed a resolution asking the Committee of Fifteen to recommend the establishment of a Faculty committee on financial priorities.

The resolution states that the committee would be "empowered to consult with the Treasurer in the determination of the University's savings and investment policies, and overall planning insofar as financial commitments are involved."

Brick Wall

Charles S. Maier '60, instructor in History and sponsor of the resolution, said that in all the major issues which have come before the Faculty "we've always run into a brick wall in that no one knows how much money is involved." Maier noted that the current financial policy of the Treasurer is "profit maximization" but added that there may be other priorities. "We may be underconsuming," he said.

The resolution also urged the Committee of Fifteen to consider representation of students and members of other Faculties in the creation of the financial priorities committee.

In other action, the Council defeated 18-1-3 a resolution by Richard E. Hyland '69-3 to suspend the SFAC until the Committee of Fifteen issues its report on restructuring the University.