Yardling Racquetmen Face Indians Today

The freshman tennis team puts a 5-1 record on the line this afternoon when it faces a tough team from Dartmouth at home.

Seeded first for the match is Dave Sawyier, followed by Jeff Reich, Ed Devereaux, captain Dave Fish, Art Brisbane and Clint Stephens. Fish and Devereaux will play in the number one doubles, Sawyier and Stephens will play number two, and Brisbane and Wilkenson will play number three.

Dartmouth Undefeated

Dartmouth has an undefeated record, having won matches against Andover and M.I.T. The Green's Brian Williams and Farrell Delman are still undefeated at singles. Mike Hills and Jim Neville are undefeated at doubles.

Crimson coach Corey Wynn said that Dartmouth could provide stiff competition for the Yardlings. "Dartmouth usually has a tough team." Wynn said.