SDS Votes to Obstruct Committee of Fifteen

SDS voted overwhelmingly at a meeting last night to take mass action to prevent the Committee of 15 from operating. Mark Y. Liberman '69, who proposed the action, did not specify the kind of action, but he said that it should be "as militant as possible while involving as many people as possible."

An SDS meeting Tuesday night will discuss what kind of action to take and its timing.

Last night's meeting also voted a petition campaign to reiterate the seven demands, commend those who occupied University Hall, and demand that they not be punished. The petition will also urge that no one cooperate with the Committee of 15 by talking informally with any member of it and that the Committee be dissolved.

A proposal to abolish the Strike Steering Committee was tabled until Tuesday. Jonathan M. Harris '69 said that the Steering Committee had done "a lousy job." He said that it had hurt the strike by "absorbing political discussion like a sponge," instead of having discussions in large meetings. He proposed returning to the SDS Executive Committee and abolishing the Steering Committee.

Teamsters Strike


Discussion of the Teamsters' strike at Gordon Linen ended without a proposal, but Malcolm Russell suggested the possibility of organizing to demand refunds from the company if linen is not delivered.

A proposal by Hayden A. Duggan '69 to demonstrate or sit-in at the Medical School to protest expansion for the Affiliated Hospital Complex did not come to a vote. Some students may demonstrate at the Med School anyway.

Suggesting a "work-in" project for the summer, Carl B. Pomperance, a graduate student in Mathematics, urged radical students to get summer jobs in Cambridge and to talk to factory workers about rent control and other Cambridge issues.