Erica Chenoweth and Zoe Marks Named Pfoho Faculty Deans


Harvard SEAS Faculty Reflect on Outgoing Dean, Say Successor Should Be Top Scholar


South Korean President Yoon Talks Nuclear Threats From North Korea at Harvard IOP Forum


Harvard University Police Advisory Board Appoints Undergrad Rep After Yearlong Vacancy


After Meeting with Harvard Admin on ‘Swatting’ Attack, Black Student Leaders Say Demands Remain Unanswered


The Mail


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We read with great interest your recent editorial on the steady erosion of the forcefulness of the word, 'fuck.' Realizing the need for an obscenity to supplant this fading epithet, we enlisted the aid of an Applied Mathematics section man to program the Harvard computer to run through the list of four-letter combinations (there are 26 to the fourth power equals 456,976 of them, if you ignore the necessity of vowels, etc.) in an effort to pick out the ten filthiest words in the English tongue. The word at the head of the list is so unbelievably obscene by prevailing standards that I can only refer to it here as 'p***,' for fear of prosecution by the state authorities. 'Fuck' having come in tenth, our plan is to release the others at intervals, starting with number nine, and making public each subsequent one only when the sting has gone out of those preceding. Until then, p*** you. Hugo N. Crammett, Chairman   Freedom Under Complete Knowledge

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