Contracts Office Appoints Director

Morton C. Barstow has been appointed Director of the Office for Research Contracts. The former director, Robert E. Gentry, resigned last Thursday to accept the position of assistant vice-president for business and finance at the University of Wisconsin.

Barstow had been associate director of the office for three years. He joined the Harvard staff in 1951 as administrative assistant.

Bigger and Better

According to Gentry, his resignation had nothing to do with recent events at Harvard. "In fact, this is an exciting period, and Harvard will be a bigger and better place because of it," he said.

The office negotiates and administers grant for research and development between the University and contract sponsors.

Federal Contracts

Most of the $54 million worth of contracts handled by the office during the past year came from the Federal government. However, there has been "no classified research at Harvard since 1947," Gentry said.

Although the office handles no classified research, individual professors may make private contracts, Gentry said. Students who inquire at the office about the classified research are referred to these professors, he added.