'New College' Plans Colloquium

Harvard New College will hold a colloquium on radical educational theory for members of the Summer School on Wednesday, July 23, at 2:30 p.m. in Sever 29.

After a brief discussion of the perspective and goals of the New College, the meeting will break down into small groups to discuss the following topics:

*the educational significance of the strike at Harvard:

*the importance of encounter group techniques in education:

*ecstacy and the learning experience;


*the future of university education.

The meeting will be chaired by Michael W. Grafton '71. Other members of the New College '71, David J. Montzingo '71, John M. Lewis, Junior Fellow in English, and Rev. Richard E. Mumma, former Presbyterian chaplain of the United Ministry of Harvard and Radcliffe.

Harvard New College was created by a group of teaching fellows and undergraduates during the student strike last April. Arguing, as it stated in one of its pamphlets, that 'real education, legitimate education, had finally begun" in the discussion groups that met during the strike, the New College established itself as a clearing house for student-initiated groups.

Nearly 500 Harvard and Radcliffe students participated in the 30 groups that met periodically through April and May.

The groups explored such topics as "The Research Ideal and the American University," "Intentional Communities and Utopias," and "Marshall McLuhan and the Retribalization of American Youth." They were led by various members of the Harvard community, ranging from freshmen to professors.

According to its Prospectus for next year, the New College will "discover and explore alternatives to the present system of undergraduate education." It plans to hold as many as 50 student-initiated groups next year, starting in September. It will also offer special colloquia on New College education for incoming freshmen during orientation week.