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Pusey stated that "since the responsibilities of an individual holding holding a teaching appointment are greater than those of a students, your involvement in an event like the forcible occupation of University Hall is a particularly grave matter which you have a professional responsibility to explain."

Stauder, who did not attend a May 29 Freund Committee hearing that investigated his "possible misconduct," has not yet decided whether he will attend Monday morning's hearing at Massachusetts Hall.

During the spring semester, Stauder was in charge of the radical course Soc Rel 149: "Radical Perspectives in Social Change." He has just finished the first year of a three-year contract as instructor at Harvard. Unless there is disciplinary action against him, Staunder will complete the two years left in his contract as a lecturer--a higher paying rank than instructor.

Commenting on Monday's hearing before this new committee, Stauder said, "we consider this political repression, so there will be a political response. The committee wants to intimidate other Faculty members and students so that they won't fight against the policies of the University that hurt people."

One of the two teaching fellows who received a letter from Pusey as decided that he no longer wishes to try to renew is Corporation appointment for another year. The case of the other teaching fellow is still pending.

The Corporation, through Pusey, also instructed Dean Ford to send letters to a few department chairmen asking them whether they still favored the appointments of at least five individuals--one instructor about to be promoted to a five-year assistant professorship and four teaching fellows.

Three of these five individuals--including the one instructor --have already been supported by their department chairmen. It is not yet known whether the two other teaching fellows have gotten support from their department chairmen.

The Corporation, however, despite statements from department chairmen, still has final authority over Corporation appointments.

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