Depts. Reaffirm Appointments

Two departments have reaffirmed their recommendations that four individuals involved in last April's strike be granted corporation appointments.

Earlier this month, at the request of the President and Fellows, Dean Ford had asked the departments to reconsider their decisions.

The Economics and Government Departments have responded by again recommending appointments for: Arthur MacEwan as assistant professor of Economics, Herbert M. Gintis as lecturer in Economics, Alan Gilbert as teaching fellow in Government, and Jonathan M. Wiener as teaching fellow in Government.

Ford has sent their replies to President Pusey's office. It is not known what action Pusey will now take. He could either ask the Joint Faculty Corporation Committee to review the cases or else he could present them directly to the Corporation.

None of he individuals involved-who all participated in the strike--were mentioned in the report of the Freund Committee. The Freund Committee confined itself to "those who may have participated directly in the seizure and occupation of University Hall," the Joint Committee report said.


In one letter to Henry Rosovsky, chairman of the Ec Department, Ford wrote, "I would appreciate your requesting form Mr. MacEwan a statement explaining just what was his part in the April events, and in particular whether his action did or did not encourage and assist in the forceable occupation of University Hall and the willful disruption of the educational activity of the University. In view of the importance of the proposed appointment Mr. MacEwan has a professional obligation to disclose these facts which relate to his fitness to teach."

In a letter dated July 21, MacEwan informed Rosovsky that "it is my belief ..that the principal purpose of the Dean's letter is unrelated to any concern for either my professional abilities as an economist or my ability to engage in mutually beneficial exchange with students. I see his action as part of the effort being made to suppress political action of the sort which took place here in April."

MacEwan declined to make any statement to the department until the purpose of and procedures surroundings Ford's request were made clear.

On the same day, the Executives Committee of the Ec Dept. passed a resolution stating "The Committee has not revised its original estimate of Mr. MacEwan's and Mr. Gintis' professional merits and it has voted to let stand these recommendations."

In similar action, James Q. Wilson, chairman of the Government Department, informed Ford that his department would also stand by its original recommendations. Wilson did so after consulting with member of his department.

According to a number of professor, Ford also sent out a letter concerning a fifth appointment. It is not known which department received the letter