Tournament Results

While most of you were either cooped up studying in air-conditioned Lamont or chasing females around the City, some hardy souls were braving the summer heat to play in various Summer School tournaments. Here are the winners.

Tennis Tournament MEN'S Singles 1st place-- Ronald Demos Lee  ($15,00) Runner-up-- Robert J. Domrese  ($ 8.50) WOMEN'S Singles 1st. place-- Kathy Ellis  ($10,00) Runner-up-- Virgina Sellman Ridgely  ($ 5.00) MEN'S Doubles Winner--  ($ 10.00 each) Irving Epstein and Robert Inman WOMEN'S Doubles Winner--  ($ 5.00 each) Susan Carol Schneider and Kathy Ellis MIXED Doubles Winner--  ($10.00 each)

John Edwin Atwood and Heidi Pafford Prizes, listed in parentheses, are awarded on the basis of the number of people participating in a particular event as well as the number of rounds in the event. Hence Men's singles with 6 rounds and 63 participants receives the largest awards: women's doubles with 3 rounds and 10 teams receives the smallest.

Bridge Tournament Individual Winners  Score  Prize 1. Huntley Dent  62.1%  $10 2. Mary White  61.2%  $ 8 3. Steve Klein  57.3%  $ 6 4. Gopal Krishna  56.6%  $ 4 Team Winners  Score  Prize 1. White--White  63%  $10 ea. 2. Kubarych--Kubarych  61.6%  $ 8 ea. 3. Stevenson--Jost  60.8%  $ 6 ea. 4. Moxey--Marel  59.7%  $ 4 ea.

Final scores give the per cent of the total number of points possible which were earned in the individual's or team's four best performances of the six tournament sessions.

Chess Tournament

The chess tournament was played in five rounds. The Swiss system was used whereby players are matched in each round to opponents who have the same records in previous rounds. The winner of the first place prize was Sandy Zabell who won all five of his matches. Herbert Kirst won the second place prize of $5, winning four of his five matches. In a four-way tie for third place were Clark Slemon, Julio Burunat, Chuck Scappaticci, and Jonathan Gray.