AP Chooses Harvard for NE Top Spot

Harvard came out on top in another football poll yesterday, as the first weekly. Associated Press New England poll listed the Crimson tops in the area, followed by Boston College and Dartmouth.

All three teams received five first place votes from the 18 writers balloted, but Harvard's total of 169 points was 21 higher than B.C.'s and 22 higher than Dartmouth's.

Even Yale, which ended up seventh in the poll. collected one first place vote from some kind-hearted rater. Holy Cross, the Crimson opponent Saturday, was picked tenth with 18 votes.

One voter submitted a ballot ignoring Harvard. Dartmouth, and Yale. His points went instead to three of the following: Central Connecticut, American International. Bridgeport, Bates, Amherst, and Brown.

Balloters were not overly influenced by Dartmouth's 42-6 scrimmage win over B. C. last weekend. It no doubt helped the Indians in the ratings, but the Eagles still finished a bit higher.


Boston University, Harvard's opponent October 4, was ranked fifth, partially because of its recent 20-0 win over Colgate.

The others were: 4-Massachusetts, 6-Connecticut, 8-Northeastern, 9-New Hampshire.