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Soaking Up the Bennies

Put Your Money on the Ivies

By Bennett H. Beach

It's not exactly a sissy's sport, but football is admittedly more civilized than whatever game Rutgers and Princeton played 100 years ago. It's certainly more fun to watch now that it's no longer on the Coliseum gladiator level, and today thousands of Ivy League fans will expect entertainment as the season opens once again. All eight teams are playing non-league opponents, but that's all right. Only Columbia can be considered to have an excellent chance of losing. Most should win.

COLUMBIA-LAFAYETTE: How optimistic can you be about a team rated seventh worst among major college squads? Last year. Lafayette crushed Columbia and Marty Domres, 36-14. Lafayette is better than last year. and Columbia, girl cheerleaders and all is worse. This is a battle between the Lions and the Leopards, and I'm afraid the order of the jungle will have to be forgotten. Besides, my brother plays the drums for Lafayette. Leopards. 42-14.

PRINCETON-RUTGERS: An exciting game for history buffs. The Tigers won 100 years ago, six goals to four. They'll win today after a rally in the fourth period. Princeton will be unveiling a new offense which should bother both teams a bit. Rutgers is quite good. but the Tigers personnel is a little better. Princeton. 29-24.

CORNELL COLGATE: It's band day at Cornell with 4800 musicians expected. Great. The Big Red is very green, and Colgate may have one of its better teams despite last week's 20-0 loss to B.U. Put your money on Colgate, 24-17.

DARTMOUTH-NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Big Green never lost to the Wildcats, and chances are the streak will remain alive, despite the fact that UNH is psyched up for this one. UNH has looked good so far, but Dartmouth is improving fast in supposedly weak areas and should win. 14-7.

YALE-CONNECTICUT: If you're going to be in New Haven today, you might as well go see "I, A Woman Part II" or something because there isn't much of an attraction at the Bowl. Yale has lots of sophomores, and Connecticut is relatively decent, but who cares besides Carm Cozza. It will be close, maybe 7-7.

PENN-BUCKNELL: Bucknell just has to do better than it was last year. So maybe they'll score. The Quakers are probably one of the best Ivy League teams, and should have little trouble, especially at home. Bernie Z. will be throwing the ball back and forth across Franklin Field, and when it's all over. Penn will have won. 42-7.

BROWN-RHODE ISLAND: This one ranks high on the list of unimportant games. Brown is still building with an eye on 1970, and Rhode Island dropped a thriller to Temple last week, 47-3. The Bruins have a defense, but expect some sloppy offensive work and a final score of 14-7, with Brown on top.

HARVARD-HOLY CROSS: Looks like fun, even if your date does cost you five dollars. Everyone's got an eye on the Crimson, and one problem is that Harvard has everything to lose and nothing to gain since it ranks first in New England. No one knows anything substantial about Holy Cross except that most of last year's team is back. New offense, new coach. Yovicsin has voiced his usual caution, but the Crusaders would surprise me greatly if they won. Look for Harvard, 21-7, after a shaky start.

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