CFIA Will Offer Series of Seminars For Fall Semester

The Center for International Affairs will offer a new series of non-credit seminars this year, patterned after the Kennedy Institute's successful seminar program.

The seminars-beginning with four this Fall-will cover various topics in international relations and will be open to graduate students and undergraduates.

Joseph S. Nye, Program Director at the Center, said that the seminars were organized last year and have no connection with last Thursday's disturbance at the Center, when some 30 people invaded the building and pushed the occupants out.

More Seminars Possible

Although only four seminars are definitely set for this Fall, Nye said that the Center will offer more groups in response to student interest. "What we're basically doing is making our resources available." he said. "If six students come and say they want a seminar on Cuba or U. S. imperialism, we'll try to get one organized."

The four groups already scheduled for this Fall are:


Defense Without War, led by Gene Sharp, Research Fellow at the Center. The seminar will discuss "potentialities of prepared nonviolent mass civilian resistance to deter and defeat internal dictatorship, and military coups." Focusing on specific cases-from the Kapp Putsch of 1920 to last year's Czechoslovakian invasion-the seminar will explore "means of preparation and training that could make nonviolent resistance more effective as eventual replacement for military defense."

African Liberation Movements and U. S. Policy, led by Robert I. Rotberg. Research Fellow at the Center, and others. Using the liberation movements in Portuguese and Southern Africa as examples, this seminar will examine "ways in which the U. S. government and individuals help and hinder African liberation movements."

Controlling the Arms Race, led by George H. QQuester, Henry La Barre Assistant Professor for Government; and Robert L. Jarvis, assistant professor of Government. This group will look at questions raised by continued weapons expenditures at a time when the U. S. and Russia publicy support arms limitation talks.

War and Peace in the Middle East,

led by Amos Perlmutter, Research Associate at the Center. Outside guests will join the seminar to discuss Arab-Israeli and inter-Arab conflicts in the Middle East.

Spring Seminars

Nye said that the Center has tentatively planned several Spring seminars, including "Current Problems of Political and Economic Development in Southeast Asia," and "imperialism and U. S. Foreign Policy."

Students who want to apply to one of the four seminars or to organize extra seminars should apply to Nye at 6 Divinity Avenue or call extension 2125.

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