Students Write Esquire Article

Two-Harvard undergraduates and a recent alumnus made $1000 for an article, "See The World on No Dollars a Day," appearing in the February issue of Esquire Magazine.

The article begins with a narrative by Frank D. Chu '71 on "Crawling Through Southwest Asia." Daniel R, Ardery '70 continues with "Smiling Through Africa," detailing the perils of travel from Cairo to Capetown. Lawrence Gage '68, a student at Columbia Law School, finishes with Jamaica and the out islands in "Grooving in the Caribbean."

All three students are affiliated with Harvard Student Agencies (HSA).


Chu describes his leisurely trek lastyear from Paris to Bangkok. Leisurely, in fact, is the only way to see Asia on a budget, Chu chirps. "Travelers planning to breeze through Asia should stay on their plane with a copy of Marco Polo."

Chn warns: "You'd be wise in avoiding the Beatlized gurus and their American hippie camp followers, sequestered in the major cities. Do your thing at a small monastery where you'll be the only westerner. As for hash, it's omnipresent."


Ardery says: "You probably won't get sick in Africa (I never did), but if you do, the disease might be debilitating or fatal, so in addition to the standard inoculations, get cholera shots and buy an anti-malaria drug like chioroquine or Daraprim."

Oddly enough, Ardery is editor of HSA's 1970 edition of Let's Go To Europe, Gage edited the HSA Caribbean guidebook.

Gage encourages student travelers to look past the tourist routes for a real vacation in Jamaica. "The placid tourists are led around by their pudgy, green wallets, so dazzled by the physical beauty that they rarely see anything of the real Jamacia," he intones. The real beauty in Jamacia is not in Kingston. "gasping and choking on it blood and its rum" and "exuding a mutant virility," but atop Blue Mountain Peak, where students can stay very cheaply on an old coffee plantation.

Of course your vacation can't be completely free; Esquire costs one dollar.