Coop to Continue Selling for G. E.

The Harvard Coop Board of Directors decided by a nine-to-one vote last Wednesday to remain neutral in the dispute involving the sale of G. E. products. The decision means that the Coop will continue to sell G. E. merchandise.

The move angered YPSL-the organization which, for the past few months, has repeatedly picketed the Coop in behalf of the striking G. E. workers.

"We were led to believe that the Board would not vote until the new members had been elected," said Michael C. Harper '70, a YPSL spokesman.

YPSL is now requesting that the Coop let all its members decide whether it should carry G. E. products or not. "Alexander Zavelle (Coop manager) kept saying that he'd do whatever the majority of the Coop members wanted. If the Coop polled its members in conjunction with the Feb. 9 election of the new Board members, the extra cost would be minimal," Harper added.

If the Coop does not respond to YPSL's demand, the group will picket the store on Feb. 7 as part of a nationwide movement to support the G. E. strikers. The day has been billed as National Solidarity Day by supporters of the striking workers.


YPSL has been circulating a petition seeking support for the G. E. workers' strike in the Houses for the past week and has already gathered 486 signatures.