Undefeated Booters at Williams As Offense Continues to Sputter

Although William's soccer team is comparable to Amherst's, Harvard coach Bruce Munro is taking today's game with the Ephmen very seriously.

The Crimson, undefeated in two games, must face Williams at 4 p. m. on the Ephmen's Weston Field. The long bus ride preceding the game and the late hour of the match will present several difficulties for the Crimson.

"It's a 3 1/2-hour ride to Williamstown," Munro said. "That's an exhausting ride and I've seen it affect the play of our teams in the past.

"Also, the game doesn't get started till 4 p. m.," he said. "So by the half we'll have to get accustomed to playing on a pretty dank field."

No Formation Information

Once Harvard adapts to the Williams-town environment, it should have little difficulty winning its third game of the season. Munro has not even bothered to have the Williams team scouted, nor did he have any information of the team's formation or past record.

"I expect they'll play the same kind of attack as Amherst," Munro said. "They'll probably concentrate on long passes on offense and bottle up the front of their goal with lots of fullbacks."

All these considerations should turn out to be purely academic. The Crimson played extremely poorly against a very good Columbia squad last Saturday and still won easily, 3-1. As in the Amherst game, the most Williams can hope to do is keep the Crimson disorganized for two or three periods.

To 4-4-2 or Not?

That task might not be too difficult, for Harvard has been consistently disorganized this Fall. "We've never really got our three lines organized in a game," Munro said. "Is the 4-4-2 system a good attack for our team? On paper yes, but I've never seen Harvard play it in a game' as it should be played."

If the Crimson attack has not been organized this Fall, at least it has been well balanced. Peter Bogovich and Solomon Gomez have two goals each, while Charlie Thomas and Phil Kydes have each scored once.

Certainly Gomez is the most dangerous player on the front line and every time he receives the ball the crowd senses a potential goal. But with Harvard's scoring balance, no team this year can afford to double-team Gomez. And if Gomez is not double-teamed, he will score frequently this season.