SDS Deplores CFIA And Attacks Bombing

H-R SDS issued a formal statement to the press yesterday denouncing terrorist attacks as a "danger to innocent students and workers."

The statement also condemned the CFIA for its role in the formation and execution of "American imperialist foreign policy."

SDS stated that the CFIA can be abolished only through a mass campaign involving large numbers of students and workers.

"Only mass militant movement of students and workers can win the struggle against the U. S. imperialism abroad and the exploitation of working people at home," the statement said.

SDS accused the press of using the bombing in an "attempt to discredit student radicals, to depict them as a lunatic fringe of irresponsible terrorists."

Ira Helfand '71, spokesman for the group, emphasized that the Weatherman faction had "no connection" at all with the H-R SDS.