Soaking Up the Bennies

A Football Ballad: Sing It and Weep

That fateful night, the bus stalled.

Upon the railroad track.

We pulled you out and you were saved,

But you went running back.

Big Ed, can you hear us?

Big Ed, can you see us?

Are you somewhere up above, and are you still o-our fullback?

What was it you were looking for,

They said they found our best football,

Clutched in your fingers tight.


Just sweet nineteen, and now you're gone

They've taken you away.

We'll never watch you run again,

They buried you today.


And so another Saturday of Ivy League football.

DARTMOUTH-BROWN: Bob Blackman is a happy man. His team trounced Princeton in front of thousands of appreciative alumni; what else can a man ask? But it was correspondingly tough the week before. "I couldn't sleep nights worrying about the game and Princeton's many outstanding players," he said Sunday. He's reportedly so excited about the Brown game this week that he's been taking No-Doz to stay awake during scouting session. The Indians will win, 43-10, and you'd do well to invest in beer in New Hampshire.

PENN-LAFAYETTE: This will be the first in a Franklin Field football twinbill today-the first doubleheader involving major college teams, if that's what type of teams these are. And my brother will be there. Imagine that. Leave the Centenary girls back at Centenary, brother, because it's all Penn, 33-12.

PRINCETON-COLGATE: The Tigers will be up after being bombed by Dartmouth, and hell, the Ivies haven't lost to an outsider all fall. Fall, all. And Princeton isn't all that bad. Cap'n calls it 24-7.

COLUMBIA-YALE: The Cap'n has been watching closely in New Haven this week and reports that Rick Jauron is upset. Tony Conigliaro, an alleged Little League teammate of Jauron's, has been traded by the Red Sox, as you know. This is an even bigger shock for the youngster than the one he experienced when admitted to Yale. His game will be badly affected. And Yale coach Carm Cozza lives by those words of B. J. Thomas: "When you do unto others what you wouldn't want done to you, you have to be a fool." So why should Carm go out and beat Columbia? And who says he can? The Lions have momentum, and the game, 21-17.

CORNELL-HARVARD: Thought I'd forget about this one, didn't you? We must consider the fact that Cornell's bus may not get hit by a train, and even if it does, maybe Ed will remember the football on his first escape. So count him in. But count in Gary Farneti, too. Gary was hurt when Harvard played Cornell last year. And this boy John Neal is hungry. Sorry, Ed. Furbush will be bottled up, too. Think I'm optimistic? Damn right I am. The Crimson, 28-14.