Draft Law Revisions Open Student Options

Draft-age males with high lottery number now have the blessings of the director of the Selective Service System to strategically plan their service liabilities.

Draft director Curtis W. Tarr established a policy yesterday permitting men to drop certain deferments at will.

Anyone holding a student, occupational, fatherhood, or hardship deferment now has the option of either holding onto his deferment as long as possible, or giving up his deferment at any time during a year in which his lottery number will not be reached. Exposure for even part of the year counts for the whole year, and fulfills the obligation.

Tarr said that lottery number 195 probably will be the highest reached this year, and invited those who received higher numbers in the December 1969 lottery to take advantage of the chance to fulfill their liability in a year that is already "safe" for them, by giving up their deferments.