SDS to March On DAS Office

Despite a meager turnout of twelve at a meeting in Winthrop House JCR last night, the SDS Antiwar Committee decided to hold a demonstration this Thursday in front of the Developmental Advisory Service's offices at 1737 Cambridge Street.

SDS will present demands for immediate declassification of DAS field reports and for termination of all DAS activities to Lester Gordon, director of DAS.

The DAS is the largest branch of the Center for International Affairs. It sends advisors overseas to counsel governments of underdeveloped countries on economic policy.

Gordon said yesterday afternoon that the DAS has not made the field reports public because they contain confidential material on DAS personnel and are "Internal administrative documents I think any organization has the right to control access to."

There is a large assortment of source material on the DAS's work that is open to the public in the DAS library, Gordon added.