Gunman Invades Radcliffe Dorms

A lone gunman last night entered several Radcliffe dormitories and threatened one student with violence if she "didn't do as she was told."

According to Eileen Olden, House Resident of Barnard Hall, the gunman entered Barnard through Briggs Hall at about 9 p. m., and after asking a girl for a nonexistent "Sherri," forced her to accompany him while he prowled the third and fourth floors.

The pair met up with another girl at which point the gunman became frightened and left. Eyewitnesses in Cabot Hall reported seeing him at about 9:30 p. m.

Lacquered Wig

A number of eyewitnesses described the gunman as about six feet tall and wearing a lacquered wig "of a silverfish color" over short hair, lensless glasses, and a black trench coat.

An alleged rapist of similar description was reported in an off-campus house two weeks ago. A number of rumors have indicated that both incidents involve the same man.