2 Heavyweights Win; Boston Fans Revolt

Two leading heavyweights gave convincing displays of punching power in their second-round knock outs last night, while Boston fight fans displayed their own brand of power.

At Madison Square Garden in New York, former Olympic gold medallist George Foreman floored Boone Kirkman in the second round while at Cobb Arena in Detroit, world heavyweight champion Joe Frazier knocked out would lightweight champion Bob Foster, also in the second round.

It was Foster's biggest payday an his worst beating. The right hand that knocked Dick Tiger cold bounced off the concrete jaw of Frazier.

At the Boston Arena, the fans were treated to another live card-Irish John Coiley winning another to remain undefeated-and to the two heavyweight fights via closed circuit television.

Unfortunately, the telecast of the Frazier fight failed after the first round and the Boston fight fans reacted by hurling beer bottles through the movie screens, tearing up sections of seats, ripping fire extinguishers off the wall, and fighting with small bands of police. It was worth the price of admission.


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