JV Hockey Team Defeats Boston Bruins Old-Timers

Harvard's JV hockey team spoiled the debut of a team of Boston Bruins Old-Timers prepping for a charity contest with the Braintree Hawks as Jimmy Thomson and Paul Sweeney each scored two goals to lead the Crimson to a 5-2 victory.

The grey-headed Bruins were from the teams of the '30's and '40's and were a little balder and little slower than their opponents. "I've never seen these guys before. but they're pros and they're long on savvy," coach Jim Hutchinson warned his players before the game.

The first period was hard-fought. and the Bruins hit the post twice but the Crimson scored at 17:30 when Sandy Wall set up Sweeney.

The Old-Timers opened the second period with a fluke goal through the legs of goalie John Grossman, before time began to tell on the Bruins. Pretty stickwork by Thomson resulted in three quick goals for a 4-1 Harvard lead by the end of the second period.

The Bruins retaliated with a picture goal on a pass from center Paul Ronty to Woody Dumont, but moments later the Crimson, down a man on a penalty, go an unassisted goal from Sweeney.

The Old-Timers will play the Hawks on Saturday night in Braintree's Ridge Arena as part of a fund-raising drive for a new facility for the Braintree St. Coletta Day School.

Dumont, Pat Egan, Tom and his son Tom Jr., Fernie Flaman, coach of Northeastern, and ex-captain Ed Sandford are some of the better-known Bruins playing for the team.

The Old-Timers tried to pace themselves and slow down the hockey waiting for a good shot and shying away from hitting. But Fernie Flaman could not restrain himself and got two penalties. one for blatant offensive checking.