'Cliffe Sticksters Tie Chic But Weak PMJC

The female division of the Harvard-Radcliffe Field Hockey Club opened its season Tuesday with a disappointing 1-1 tie with Pine Manor Junior College.

The Radcliffe team had looked strong in pre-season matches against the men's team, with its potent front line of captain Ellen Ronse, Penny Morehead, Jane Lord, Mary Lightbody, and Nancy Cochran. The well heeled five learned the game at Garrison Forest, Concord, and other prep schools.

Radcliffe passing was weak in the game, and the team was unable to sustain an attack. The first twenty-minute half passed with no score by either side, although elegant Pine Manor wing Beth Clark made several threatening advances.

During halftime, the Pine Manor "B" team took on an all-comers team composed of Harvard players who came to watch the match. Organization on both sides was poor, and there was again no score.

Early in the second half of the main event, Pine Manor scored from a melee in front of the Radcliffe goal. The situation looked bleak for the Cliffies until Rouse scored at 13:07 with assists from Morehead and Lightbody.

Desperate efforts to pull ahead were to no avail for Radcliffe, hampered as they were by their fashionable midi-length tunies.

The girls retired to juice and cookies while the men resumed their attack on the PMJC seconds. One goal was scored for Harvard shortly before darkness ended the competition.

The men square off today in their first official match against Wellesley, with future tilts scheduled with Wheaton and PMJC.