Freshmen Erupt In Harvard Yard

The august atmosphere of Harvard Yard was shattered last night when freshmen closed their books and opened up their aggressions.

In a return to old-style college life, Weld dormitory erupted with challenging chants of "Matthews sucks" around 11 p. m. Matthews was quick to respond with "Weld eats shit," whereupon students threw open windows, made noise, turned up stereos, blew horns, gave cheers for their favorite physical process and watched the rain fall.

Reactions to the unscheduled outbursts were of every sort. "What the fuck's going on?" One student commented. "This is the most wonderful thing that's happened since I got here. This is just wonderful. It reminds me of a be-in."

While some freshmen were banging on mail boxes and tin cans, others complained, tongue-in cheek, about their unruly contemporaries: "I can't get any work done," one shouted.

Political activists in the class were quick to sense greater potential for the show of emotion. "The revolution is here," one boy cried. "The British are coming."

Around 11:20 p. m., the University Police, who had been watching the madness closely, went around to various entries where boys were gathered and injected the cool voice of reason. "All right, boys, fun's over." Soon afterwards, students returned to their books and their hour exams.