Pet Ban, Co-ed Living Studied by CHUL

The Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life met yesterday and concentrated on the issues of co-residency, pets in the Houses, and lettuce.

A recommendation that co-residency be continued next year will be presented to the Faculty for approval. In addition, the Committee voted to establish a sub-committee which will study co-ed living and make suggestions for improvements.

No Pets

The Committee voted unanimously to re-affirm an existing rule banning pets.recommend that Harvard buy only UFW lettuce, Students from the Ad Hoc Com. Complaints from students and superintendents prompted the Committee to change its position from a "don't enforce" to an "enforce" attitude toward" the no-pet rule, according to Dean May. The rule will be activated after Christmas vacation.

After a long discussion of the lettuce issue, the Committee voted to mittee on Lettuce testified at the meeting.

Ersatz Lettuce

The main concern of the meeting was the possibility that Harvard might, in adopting the policy of only buying UFW lettuce, be forced at some point to pay high prices which would affect students financially, Dean May explained. In the event of a scarcity of UFW lettuce, which would cause price hikes, lettuce substitutes such as romaine or cabbage will be purchased, May said.

The Committee also voted to keep one dining hall open this Christmas vacation, as in former years to provide for students remaining in the Cambridge area.