Petition Requests More Interhouse

About 3000 students have signed a petition for Harvard-Radcliffe interhouse at all meals.

"What we are trying to do is put the overwhelming support for interhouse, until now only implicit, onto the record," Eric J. Tarini 71, the organizer of the petition drive, said yesterday. He said that he expects the petition to gain an additional 500 signatures today, the last day of the drive.

Tarini said it is "completely feasible" to have interhouse dining for all meals. He suggested that Harvard adjust the rates it charges Radcliffe for interhouse meals at Harvard so that it merely covers costs rather than making a profit.

He proposed that each of the ten Radcliffe brick dorms become affiliated with a Harvard house. He said that any overcrowding will be minimal after the Mather House dining hall opens and added, "Waiting in line will be more pleasant."

Dean May said yesterday that the whole matter is under "intensive review." He will make an announcement on interhouse late this afternoon.