Challenge to Stockholders Succeeds in Coop Contest

Harvard Coop members elected Monday three students opposed to the stockholders' nominees to the Coop Coop Board of Directors.

Six students had challenged the full state of 11 student candidates nominated by stockholders under the revised by-laws approved by Coop members last fall. Of the three elected, two of the independent candidates. Harvey C. Dzoden and Robert D. O'Connell, are Law School students. The third, Donald E. Steele, is a graduate student in Linguistics.

"I see the election of the independent candidates as another development in the continuing improvement of the Coop." said Alan K. Austin '70, one of the two undergraduates elected, and a student director for the past two years.

Each challenger was required to present a petition signed by 100 student members to have his name placed on the ballot. Barely 4000 students, less than one-eighth of those eligible, voted in the election-which was conducted over a six-week period. This number, however, is over twice as many ballots as necessary to validate the election.

The other new student directors, all nominated by stockholders, are: Joseph Angland. M.I.T. '72: Francesta E. Farmer '71: William R. Harvey, a doctoral candidate at the School of Education; Donald W. Mitchell, a second-year student at the Law School: Stephen E. Roulac, a second-year student at the Business School: Paul S. Snover, M.I.T. '71: and James M. Ziegenmayer, a graduate student in Chemistry at M.I.T.