Rioting Devastates Harvard Square; Windows Smashed, Scores Injured

Some of the protestors broke the front windows of the Northeast Federal Savings bank and hurled a firebrand through the broken glass. Cambridge firemen extinguished the blaze after only superficial damage to the window case and part of the lobby.

Demonstrators later broke windows in Bobbi Baker, Ltd. The store was looted, and about half an hour later a fire, was set in the front window.

Earlier in the evening, demonstrators hurled a firebrand through the shattered front window of the Coop, but others pulled the burning board out of the building before the blaze spread.

Looting Sporadic

Sporadic looting and burning continued during the evening. Demonstrators shattered all the ground floor windows in Holyoke Center and looted Sak's Fifth Avenue, the Harvard Provision Co., and the Derby Jeweler.

Extensive damage was also reported later in the eevning in Central Square. Reports indicated that store windows had been broken and minor looting had occurred.


The police were restrained at first, pushing demonstrators back and making no arrests. At about 8:19 p. m., however, they began a series of charges through the square which injured about a dozen demonstrators and resulted in at least five arrests.

The police charges drove most of the demonstrators onto Mt. Auburn St., where bystanders swelled the crowd to nearly 3000. Some protestors pried up bricks from the sidewalk and hurled rocks and pieces of brick at the police. Others attempted to barricade the street with a pickup truck.

Police then faced off against the demon strators at the intersection of Brattle and Mt. Auburn for more than an hour and hurled the missiles back at the demonstrators. At about 8:40, police began a series of four charges which repeatedly swept demonstrators down Bow and Plympton Sts., where the protestors regrouped and advanced back onto Mt. Auburn.

The standoff continued through the night as State police advanced, firing cannisters of tear gas into the crowd Students fled down Plympton, DeWolf, and Bow Sts, tossing bricks and rocks. Many protestors fled into the courtyards of Quincy House and Lowell House. At one point police charged into Lowell Quincy, Adams, and Claverly to make arrests, State Police, making a sweep down the street, fired several gas cannisters into the Quincy courtyard and the front entrance of Lowell House. Gas fumes choked students in Claverly.

Shortly afterward, police moved up DeWolf and Dunster Sts. to the Square, and demonstrators returned to Mt. Auburn St. Police made repeated charges during the evening, firing more cannisters of gas.