35 Harvard Students Hurt During Wednesday's Melee

Over 200 people-including about 40 policemen and 35 Harvard students-were treated at area hospitals for injuries suffered during Wednesday night's street-fighting around Harvard Square.

Most of the injuries were lacerations requiring stitches, and nearly all of the injured were released after treatment. Scores of people were treated outside hospitals.

Damage to some 40 places of business from broken windows, looting, and fire exceeded $100,000 in value. Insurance covered most of this amount.


Thirty-two young people-including three Harvard undergraduates, two law students, and one special student-were arraigned in East Cambridge District Court yesterday on charges including assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly, and illegal use of Mace.

All 32 pleaded not guilty to the charges; trial dates were set for May 5, 13, and 19.

The Massachusetts Lawyers' Guild bailed out the arrested Wednesday night with a total of $32,000. The November Action Coalition, which led the march to the Square from the Boston Common, had contacted the Guild before the march, in anticipation of arrests.

Over 3000 demonstrators and 1500 policemen were involved in Wednesday's battle.

Police injuries resulted mostly from thrown rocks and bricks. The windows of 14 police cars were smashed, and two cars were set afire by Molotov cocktails.

Policemen used nightsticks and tear gas on the crowd. Several of those arrested told yesterday of additional beatings in police wagons or in the Cambridge police station.