Earth People and Ecology Groups Schedule Activities for Next Week

Local environmental groups plan a full schedule of ecology activities next week-despite the cancellation of Harvard Square Reclamation Day and the Earth People's Festival because of Wednesday's violence.

The Harvard Ecology Coalition is still planning to coordinate an environmental teach-in next Tuesday and Wednesday, while the Earth People are meeting with Dean May tomorrow morning to try to reschedule their festival.

Teach-in activities will include a demonstration at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Prudential Building against Boston Edison, protesting its pollution policies; a march to Government Center; a die-in at Logan Airport; and several panel discussions.

On Earth Day, Wednesday, demonstrators will rally at Government Center to present representatives of Mayor White and Governor Sargent with a list of survival demands-including requests for procedures to decrease environmental pollution.

On Wednesday evening, protestors will stage a "die-in" at Logan Airport, coupling a protest against the proposed supersonic transport (SST) with a mock funeral to protest the Vietnam war.

Panel discussions will be held Tuesday night and Wednesday. Panelists will include Sen. Edmund Muskie (D-Maine).