Mole Staff Evacuates After Threat of Bust

The Old Mole, Cambridge's radical journal, evacuated its headquarters yesterday evening in anticipation of a raid by Cambridge police.

Mole staffers said two Cambridge policemen-a sergeant and a lieutenant-knocked on their door at 2 Brookline Ave, in Central Square around 7 p.m. They refused to open the door without seeing a search warant, the staffers said, and the police left with a threat to return with guns and a battering ram.

The Cambridge Police desk denied that any policemen had visited the Old Mole offices last night.

The incident seems to have been provoked when persons in a neighboring bar called police to complain about groups of high school students loitering outside the Old Mole offices. Police said they had received reports of an "unusual gathering" outside the Mole.

According to the staffers, one of the police said as they left. "We played with you last night; we'll play again. If you get twenty people, we'll get thirty. If you get fifty, we'll get sixty. And if you want guns, we'll use guns. Only we'll wipe you out."