Both Crews Win Easily in Saturday Races

Lights Retain Biglin Bowl

Harvard's devastating lightweight navy swept its 12th consecutive regatta and its sixth straight Biglin Bowl race with an easy four-length victory over M. I. T. and Dartmouth Saturday afternoon on the Charles.

Racing conditions were hardly ideal. A stiff crosswind and cold weather made the Charles a miserable place to row.

A heavyweight regatta among B.U.M.I.T., and Northeastern was inserted in the middle of the lightweight races, insuring that the relatively favorable conditions that had surrounded the two freshman races early in the afternoon would not be present for either the varsity or J V contests at dusk.

But the situation only seemed to lend a sense of increased urgency to the task of the Crimson varsity, and when Harvard jumped off to a quick three-seat lead right off the stakeboat, the race was already decided.

Leaving It All Behind

Rowing at a 36 for the body of the race, the Crimson increased its lead over M. I. T. to a deck length by the 500 meter mark of the 2000-meter race, and had made it a full length at the halfway point.

The Engineers, one of the top five or six boats in the East, were holding steady at 35 by then, but were gradually losing ground, and Dartmouth, which chose to stroke at an unusually low 32 for most of the distance, was no longer a factor in the race after the first 30 pulls.

After 1500 meters, the Crimson's margin was three lengths over M. I. T., and almost six over Dartmouth, and a splendid finishing sprint, rowed at 38, had increased the lead to four lengths when Harvard finished the race in 6:29.5. M. I. T. placed second in 6:45, and the Indians, seven lengths behind the Crimson, were timed in 6:58.

Go Away, I'm No Good For You

The excellent Harvard J V boat, which rowed its race after the varsity, led M. I. T. all the way up the course to finish in 6:36.9, five lengths in front., and the first freshman boat, never in trouble, breezed to an effortless four-and-a-half length triumph over the Engineers in 6:54.9, almost 13 lengths ahead of woeful Dartmouth.

The only moderately close race had been the second freshman contest, rowed at 3 p.m. and won by the Crimson in 7:38.5, a length-and-three-quarters better than M. I. T.