Crimson's Fate Foggy In Today's Marathon

Two Daily Pennsylvanian runners and one from the Columbia Spectator arrived in Cambridge yesterday ready to compete in today's Boston Marathon. They will be challenging the CRIMSON team.

Rick Furlung and Cha Hwan Kovitch are from Penn, while Russell Kahn is representing the Spectator. They are among the Americans who will be hoping to prevent foreign runners from winning again this year. Bennett Beach is the lone CRIMSON entrant.

The CRIMSON hopes to defeat both news-papers as soundly as it did the Yale Daily News last year, but Beach has been complaining about a knee injury.

"We're out to kill the CRIMSON, and we don't expect any problems," Furlong said yesterday. "Those boys may be better writers, but we at the DP are better marathoners. I guarantee it."

The race starts at noon in Hopkinton, and Rosemary Trail of the Boston Weather Bureau has predicted cloudy skies with temperatures in the 50's.