NEWS BRIEFS California Violence

Violence erupted again during the past week on California campuses.

At Santa Barbara, a 22-year-old student moderate, Kevin Moran, was shot and killed Thursday while attempting to put out a fire set by demonstrators in a Bank of America branch.

Police said Moran was shot by a sniper. Bullets from his body are being tested in the state crime laboratory.

At Berkeley, assistant dean Willis Shotwell ordered SDS off the campus Friday. SDS rallies have been banned on campus, and police broke up an illegal rally Friday afternoon. Earlier in the week, there had been a wave of firebombings and window-smashing rampages, and more than 80 arrests.

According to a Daily Californian staff writer, Berkeley's SDS is similar to Boston's November Action Coalition, and much of their support has come from junior high and high school students.

SDS has scheduled another illegal rally for today.


The German Department will offer a full-year course in elementary Yiddish next fall. Rabbi Ben-Zion Gold, director of the Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel Society, will teach the course which is limited to 20 students.

Elementary Yiddish A will include grammar, composition, conversation and an emphasis on reading fluency. Eckehard Simon, associate professor of Germanie Languages and Literature, explained that if student support is good next year, the German Department would in the future offer courses in Yiddish literature and intermediate level Yiddish.

The idea to include Yiddish in the curriculum stems from a proposal by students who are enrolled in an extracurricular Yiddish. program sponsored by Hillel.

"It is comforting to see that Harvard, the oldest university in America, is finally giving a birth certificate to the oldest bastard language in the world," commented Martin Kaplan '70, a member of the program.