To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Because of our concern over what direction Harvard would take after the disturbing events of last spring, we decided to take a year's subscription to The CRIMSON to help us learn more about undergraduate thinking and events taking place at the university. Naturally, we haven't agreed with many of the viewpoints expressed, but on the whole we have enjoyed the paper and found the articles and editorial comment of greater depth and thoughtfulness than when one of us was an undergraduate over 30 years ago.

We wish to commend in particular your editorial of March 17th on "The University's Investment Policy" and your editorial feature "What's Good for G.M."

We have been investors in moderate proportions since 1953 and believe that we know enough about sound investment policy to agree that the policies you are supporting not only are morally correct but actually in the enlightened self interest of the corporations involved.

We regret that in an age which requires much courage and innovation in facing the pressing problems of our time-both national and international-that the Harvard Corporation chooses to be "prudent" rather than giving moral leadership for measures which will have to be taken sooner or later.

While realizing that our voices do not add very much to yours in spite of your commendably powerful and moderate presentations, we wish to join you in our own small way. We do own a GM car with both its engineering strengths and stupidities, have some investments held in trust as well as directly owned and have 9 children-4 of whom have been exposed to college and the others aspire to be in the future. We commend your ideas to them. We also are sending copies of this letter to President Pusey, the companies involved, and the U. S. Trust Company of Boston.