Ecology Groups to March Today; Panel Series Planned for Tonight

Boston area ecology groups will observe Earth Day today by sponsoring a series of demonstrations and teach-ins aimed at alerting the public to the ecology crisis.

At 3 p. m. demonstrators will gather at Park Street Station in Boston for a march to Government Center. Rep. Michael J. Harrington (D. Mass.) and other speakers will address the marchers at a rally in the J. F. K. Plaza of Government Center. Harrington will receive a petition to amend the U. S. Constitution by adding an Environmental Bill of Rights. The Harvard Policy Ecology Coalition plans to present a list of "survival demands"-covering environmental and social problems-to representatives of the Governor and Mayor.

At 5 p. m. Government Center demonstrators will take the M. T. A. to Logan Airport to stage a mass "die-in" According to New England Ecology Center there will be a "mock funeral for victims of genocide in Southeast Asia, racism in America, and biocide from pollution and herbicides in Vietnam." Demonstrators also plan to stage a sit-in at North Temninal to protest the proposed supersonic transport (SST). The sit-in is scheduled to last until 10 p. m.

At Harvard several graduate schools are planning panel discussions for the day.

The Business School is sponsoring panels at 10 a. m., 1:15 p. m., and 3 p. m. on different aspects of the ecology crisis. Rooms will be posted in Baker library. The meetings are free and open to the public.

This evening at 8:30 p. m. the Law School will present a panel discussion on environmental problems.

The Harvard Ecology Coalition will sponsor informal discussions this afternoon and evening in Harvard and Radcliffe Houses.

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