To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

A year and half of reasoned arguments advanced through established procedures has not accomplished for kosher-eating students what five minutes of threats and an hour of shouting have done for the November Action Committee. Though the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (and the Committee on Houses before it) continually met the request for rebates to students eating at Hillel House with rejections and postponements but not results, the CHUL responded with lightning speed to the NAC's demand for rebates, its promise "to fight for this program, with whatever means are needed," and its demonstration at University Hall on Monday, April 13. The Committee seems to be encouraging the use of force as a good way of getting things done. Is this conducive to maintaining the free exchange of ideas at the University?

As for the substantive issues of rebates for meals at Hillel House-the ad hoc and token decision of the Committee to grant rebates for the first and last days of Passover (April 21 and 28) is inconsistent and unfair. The food requirements of Passover that necessitate Jewish students' eating at Hillel apply equally to all eight days of the holiday, and if the system is feasible for the first and last days of Passover, it is equally feasible for the days in between. Moreover, the problems of meals for the other Jewish holidays (which usually last two or eight days) and for the Shabbat (which begins Friday evening and continues until sundown Saturday) are not considered in the new board plans, plans for missing breakfasts, three meals on one day of the week or six meals on the weekend. The proposed check-off system that Hillel House and the Radcliffe Food Services have found mutually satisfactory for many years is still the best answer.

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