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"Everything connected with the white man is bad for the Indian," Kahn-Tineta Horn-a member of the Caughnawaga reservation in Quebec-said last night at Harvard.

"We want as little integration with white people as possible," Kahn-Tineta added. "We must keep to our reservations and develop them to remedy the damage done by the white man's intrusion."

Kahn-Tineta is touring the U.S., Canada, and Britain to raise funds for suits against the Canadian government, which, she says, is trying to abolish the Indian's reservations and special legal rights.


"Students in higher education have a prejudice: they say everyone is equal," Kahn-Tineta adde. "The truth is that the Indians are very different. They are a people who lived in a permanent paradise, where there was very little competition.

"The Indians can't identify with a teaching system that trains people for competition," she said.

Kahn-Tineta came out strangely against the alliance of minority groups and against taxies of violence. "The Negro cause is separate from ours," she said. "When Negroes ask us to join them I just say 'Don't call us, we'll call you' -and we don't have a phone."

"I don't think we should be annoying like the Negro. They use fascist and disruptive taxies." Kahn-Tineta said.

Kahn-Tineta attacked the role of the woman in white society. "I think the Indian woman should stay home with the children," she said. "You see what happens to the over-educated women in America."

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