Draft Boards Fail to Meet Quotas, Increase in Induction's Called For

Curtis Tarr. the new Selective Service director, has increased monthly draft calls through the month of July because local draft boards have fallen 20 per cent short of their quotas so far this year.

During the last three months, the Selective Service called for the induction of 50,000 men, but local boards fell short in deliveries by more than 10,000.

Tarr discovered the shortages after he succeeded Lieut. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey as the head of the draft on March 20. Tarr has given two possible reasons for the deficiencies. He said that:

Liberal Board

Some boards have been too liberal in granting deferments.

Others fell down on the job of arranging physical examinations for potential draftees under the lottery system. Local boards gave physicals to men whose lottery numbers did not make them immediately vulnerable to the draft, while neglecting those men whose numbers made them liable to early induction, he said.