60 Protestors Want Raises For Painters

Sixty members of the Worker-Student Coalition yesterday confronted John B. Butler, director of Personnel, with a 500-signature petition demanding that all painters' apprentices be promoted immediately to journeyman status.

John K. Chapman '69 presented the petitions and asked Butler what he would do in response. Butler said, "I am not going to promote the painters' apprentices,"

Another demonstrator said that the 150-hour apprentice training program "is an attempt to keep down painters who should be journeymen, and divides white and black painters."


Butler replied that "the apprentice program is an attempt to create well-rounded journeymen. It is a part of the University's affirmative action program."

One demonstrator said. "We're not here to have you explain the apprenticeship program again." "What do we have to do to force you to promote the apprentices?" he asked.

Demonstrators booed loudly when Butler suggested that another meeting be set up where more Harvard administrators could be present to answer questions.

The demonstrators went to Butler's office after a noon rally at Forbes Plaza where about 100 persons listened to speeches opposing the apprenticeship program.

After an hour of defending the University apprenticeship program. Butler said he had another appointment and left the office. The group then left Holyoke Center although several demonstrators suggested following Butler.

Chapman said later that the Worker-Student Coalition has not yet decided what to do next in order to promote the painters' apprentices.