Roxbury community. Several Medical students sharply criticised the AHC officials Wednesday night for "abandoning" that figure.

But Dr. Francis D. Moore '35, surgeonin-chief of Peter Bent Brigham Hospital-which is to be incorporated into the AHC-answered that hospital officials would attempt to merge the ambulatory department of the AHC with the hospital's extended-care facilities in order to improve the level of community care.

"The old concept of ambulatory care-where someone comes in, sits on a hard wooden bench, and then sees a doctor he's never met before-is something we want to avoid," said Moore, who is Moseley Professor of Surgery at the Medical School.

Several students at the Medical School charged that the AHC had not attempted to survey the health needs of the surrounding community. "The background of those the Brigham has treated has been ascertained information concerning those who are not reaching the Brigham has not been ascertained," Howard B. Waitzkin '66, a second-year Medical student, said.

But the AHC has already committed itself to providing care for "a neighborhood involving 64,000 people," Dr. George W. Thorne, physician-in-chief of PBBH and Samuel A. Levine Professor of Medicine, said yesterday.

Community representatives were critical of Harvard and the AHC's plans. Robert S. Parks, president of the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard, said, "We don't want people to tell us that they're building a hospital for the benefit of the community and next day give us eviction notices." M.D.L.