Council Votes Monday On Firing of Manager

The Cambridge City Council will meet this Monday to vote on a motion to fire City Manager James L. Sullivan.

Last Friday, Councillor Thomas W. Danehy introduced the motion to suspend Sullivan, but action on it was delayed by a parliamentary maneuver.

The action to fire Sullivan had been expected since early last week, when it became known that five of the nine councillors had agreed to the ouster. Danehy's motion came at a special meeting called by Vell?? late Thursday night. Despite the late notice, over a hundred spectators came to the meeting to support Sullivan.

Rumors of Sullivan's firing have circulated since the beginning of the year. He has lost favor with a number of councillors who feel that he is not responsive to their personal interests. They will take the first official step in the removal process on Monday, when Danchy's order will again come to the floor.