Tenth Year Reunion The Angry Young Liberals Return

The stuffed armchairs in the Eliot House library were drawn together in seminar fashion this weekend as more than 100 members of the Class of '60 returned for a tenth reunion "Think-in" on social and political issues.

While other reunions will be occupying their time this week at Funfests and Festivals, the Class of '60 turned its Kennedy-esque commitment of ten years ago back toward the University, and the results of their weekend reunion are expected to continue through the summer.

Angry over the seeming lack of responsiveness in the University administration, the class set up an Ad Hoe Committee to Make Harvard Responsive and Responsible.

The committee will study the Harvard Corporation and ways in which alumni can directly influence its decisions. The group will also prepare a report to class members with specifie recommendations for new ways of taking united class action.

The name of the committee is an oblique reference to the controversial Campaign to Make General Motors Responsible which unsuccessfully solicited Harvard's 287.000 proxy votes this Spring, and criticism of the Corporation's decision to support GM management ran through the weekend meetings.


The alumni suggested several ways of avoiding future Campaign GM decisions, including establishment of a

"counter-Harvard Fund" which would contribute to Harvard education, but not be under the control of Harvard Treasurer George F. Bennett '33.

"We're not quarreling with the way funds are allocated within the University." James Flug 60 said. "What we're questioning is the way the Corporation manages its money as seen in the Campaign GM affairs."

"Harvard is very worried about money." Robert Wyman 60, a professor of Biology at Yale, said. "They have a feeling that the alumni are not going to give money because the University is too radical. Let's tell them we think they're too conservative."

Although the Class of 60 gave only $80.000 last year, the money went to the unrestricted Harvard Fund which is given over directly to operating expenses. Should the money be withheld, the Corporation would have to commit the income from nearly $2 million in the endowment to replace it.

The Ad Hoe Committee will report to class members in August, and formalize its recommendations in time for the Harvard Fund convocation next September.