Harvard Releases Revised Schedules of Parking Fees

Faculty members will pay to park at Harvard this year for the first time.

The new list of charges-including the assessments of Faculty members-is part of an effort to finance construction of 2013 parking spaces by 1975. The projected construction will increase the amount of University parking by almost 50 per cent.

Although the new schedule represents a substantial rise in parking charges in every category-in some cases by as much as 75 per cent-the increases are less than reports early this year indicated they would be.

Under a schedule proposed last February by a committee representing all Harvard Faculties except for the Med School, undergraduate parking fees for 1971 would have zoomed to $150-an increase of almost 400 per cent from last year's rate of $40.

Under the schedule released yesterday, undergraduates will pay $70 for the privilege of parking their cars in the Business School lots.

The new parking policy states that new construction projects will cut the number of spaces available. The number of Faculty and student parking permits will be cut accordingly, with those living near Harvard being told to walk to school or find commercial space.

The increase in parking facilities planned is the minimum requirement of Cambridge zoning laws which cover Harvard's plans for new buildings. Present laws require an appropriate number of spaces for each new building.

The new parking options open to Faculty, students, and employees are:

assigned spaces for Faculty and staff or 24-hour-a-day residents: $90.

pooled parking for tenured Faculty: $60.

overnight parking in the Everett St. Garage: $40.

pooled parking for employees: $40.

metered and off-hour parking on nearby streets (by permit only): $10.

pooled parking for resident students: $70.

pooled parking for commuting students: $30.