To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The wholly erroneous statement on page 6 of the Confi Guide that the Faculty of Arts and Sciences had voted last year to grant credit for all Advanced Placement awards must be corrected. Since approximately one-half of all the undergraduate body received Advanced Placement awards, this statement appears to be creating misplaced hopes and imprudent curricular planning on the part of hundreds of undergraduates.

At the meeting of May 26, 1970 the Faculty voted to table legislation recommended by the Committee on Undergraduate Education which would have granted one credit toward the Bachelor's Degree for each Advanced Placement award from one to four. I spoke in favor of that legislation in May, and I will continue to support it strongly when the Faculty discusses the issue again this fall. I feel a responsibility, however, to emphasize to all undergraduate holders of Advanced Placement awards that they would be extremely rash to plan their degree programs on the assumption that his legislation will be passed or the belief that it had already been enacted.

For all undergraduates, except those who are eligible for and accepted Sophomore Standing upon matriculation, the degree course requirement remains sixteen and one-half courses. No course credit or course reduction is permitted for Advanced Placement awards; for such awards only placement not credit is offered.

I earnestly hope no student will place his degree in jeopardy by planning a program on the erroneous and misleading information printed in the last paragraph of the section entitled "Advanced Standing" in the Confi Guide.