Don't Be Shy, Get Into It!

Poking Around in the Sports World is Fun

Want to learn how to use that slick little gizmo in the above photograph? Come to the introductory meeting of the Crimson's fall sports competition, 8:30 p.m. tonight and tomorrow night at 14 Plympton St.

"There are no strangers in the Crimson sports cube, only friends you haven't met." That's what ol' Bennett H. Beach '71 used to tell potential sports candidates at Crimson introductory meetings. And even though the great Beachbum departed last June from the hallowed cubicle at 14 Plympton St., his spirit remains like the smell pervading Varney's old locker at Dillon.

This fall, the openings for sportswriters (with or without experience) in regular positions are numerous, the opportunity for advancement boundless, the writing experience invaluable, and most of all the fun of weekly football and basketball games--against the likes of Bok's Administration Bombers and the Yale Daily News--unmatched.

As a Crimson sportswriter, you are also in line for all kinds of fringe benefits, such as fully financed trips to wherever the Harvard Corporation's squads are fighting the good fight.

For example, last year the gang from the sports cube played a Friday night game against the Penn cheerleaders at halftime of the Quaker-Crimson basketball game. After the game, we hit the sack early to get the rest we needed for Princeton the next night.

After sweeping the weekend doubleheader with a win over The Princetonian, the Crime gang crashed a party at one of the eating clubs, proceeded to rip a stereo speaker off the wall during an oldie orgy, and eventually was physically ejected in time to catch the second show of Channel 43's "Creature Feature." The gang returned to Cambridge Sunday evening, physically exhausted but triumphant.

This is just a brief glimpse of the numerous fringe benefits awaiting you in the sports service section of the Crimson. Enlistments tonight at 14 Plympton St. P.S.--We want women writers.