DiCara Supports Muskie Campaign

Boston City Councillor elect Lawrence S. DiCara '71 announced last night that he will endorse Senator Edmund S. Muskie (D-Maine) for President on Thursday.

Speaking at a reception at Quincy House which followed a dinner in his honor. DiCara said, "The number one goal of all people in the country should be to remove Richard Nixon from office. This is a goal behind which all people should easily unite."

Regarding his election, DiCara who is 22 said that he won "because people responded favorably to the clean-cut young people who came to their doors campaigning for me." He also attributed his election to his looks. "If I looked 22, I probably would have lost. I look and act 29 or 30," he said pointing to his grey suit.

When asked when he would run for Mayor, DiCara replied, "I do not have any intentions of running for Mayor of Boston at this time."

DiCara named taxes as the "number one" issue facing him as a councillor, "Property tax is the most regressive tax known to man," he said. He added that he would like the state to share taxes with local communities.

Pure Hell

On Logan Airport expansion, DiCara declared, "It's pure hell for people to have to live with airplanes winding up in their back yards.

"If the people in East Boston were to blow up the one road that goes to Logan Airport, they would have no more problems," he said.

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