Fencers Lose to Quakers; Epee Squad Blanked, 9-0

The Crimson fencing team failed to get any victories from its epee squad Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia and lost its second Ivy match of the season to the Penn Quakers, 16-11. The loss virtually eliminates Harvard's chances of finishing the season higher than in third place.

During practice last week, Crimson coach Edo Marion thought that his team had a good chance of defeating the Quakers if both the foil and saber squads were able to win six bouts each, and the epee team could manage to win two or three bouts. The foil and saber teams performed nearly as predicted. but the epee squad did not win even one bout.

"Penn's epee team was very good, and probably the best we've fenced. But as far back as I can remember. this is the first time that a Crimson weapon has been completely blanked by the opposition," Larry Cetrulo said.

Mickey Irvings, the other Crimson co-captain and a member of the epee squad. expressed even more bitterness, "After the loss, those of us on the epee team felt frustrated. disappointed, and pissed-off." he said.

Of the three Harvard epee men, sophomore Al Shaw performed the best against the Quakers. carrying two bouts to 4-1 before losing on the final touch. Irvings nearly won a bout, but three touches were called against him and he lost. 5-3 Geza Tattralay. at the other epee, fenced at slow-motion speed, forgetting how to lunge, and scored only two touches in the three bouts.

Despite a hand injury. All-American foiler Tom Keller put on one of the best performances of the season as he easily disposed of three Quakers. "He just fenced so well that he made it-look like the easiest thing in the world." Cetrulo said.

Cetrulo also won three bouts for the Crimson. Ken Hetzler and Rick Tolbert, the other two sabermen, combined for three victories. In addition to these six saber wins. the Crimson could have had two others if the judging had taken place in another fieldhouse.