Two Radicals Subpoenaed By a Senate Subcommittee

Michael Ansara '68, a former SDS leader and one of the founders of the Old Mole, has been subpoenaed to testify Tuesday before the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security.

Also appearing before the subcommittee, which is chaired by Sen. James O. Eastland (D.Miss.). will be David Landau, an activist who has been involved with the Old Mole and the Boston Draft Resistance Group (BORG).

Ansara said yesterday. "They will be questioning us about SDS. the Old Mole, BDRG. Cambridge Iron and Steel [a dummy corporation which channeled money into the movement]. and Sargent Brown's Memorial Neck-Tie [a coffee house run by Landau and others for military people, now closed]."

"We're going to take the Fifth. We won't tell them anything." he said.

Internal Security


Last February. the Subcommittee on Internal Security subpoenaed the records of Cambridge Iron and Steel, in which both Ansara and Landau were active. At the same time, the subcommittee subpoenaed the records of Liberation News Service in New York, as well as those of two other suspected radical organizations.

Cambridge Trust Co, and Harvard Trust Co., the banks which held the records of Cambridge Iron and Steel, yielded the records to the government without notifying Ansara or Landau.

When Ansara and Landau were subpoenaed last February to appear before the subcommittee, they appealed the subpoena in court and eventually lost.

Their testimony Tuesday will take place at a closed executive session of the subcommittee. According to Ansara, this is the first instance of testimony given by "hostile" witnesses in closed session.

The membership of the subcommittee-which is a branch of Senate Judiciary Committee-includes Senators Robert C Byrd (D-W. Va.), Strom Thur-mond (R-S.C.), Birch Bayh (D-Ind.), Sam J. Ervin (D-N.C.), John McClelian (D-A??k.), and Hugh Scott (R-Pa.).

Chief counsel to the subcommittee, Jay G. Sourwine, declined yesterday to confirm that the testimony is scheduled. He said that witnesses' identities are never publicly revealed "unless we choose to release the entire text of the testimony."

He added that the subcommittee has had in the past "such gentlemen as J. Edgar Hoover" as witnesses, and that no charges are implied by a subpoena.

The Subcommittee on Internal Security has in past years held hearings on Communism, SDS, and student unrest. "They're fighting against the growing crisis of creeping subversion," Ansara said.