Currier House Is Fourth To Defeat CRR Proposal

The fourth House to hold a referendum on election procedures for the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities voted overwhelmingly last night to disregard the procedures set up by the Faculty. Currier House, following the lead of Dunster, Mather, and Adams, will send no representative to the CRR.

Even if no student representatives are elected, the CRR can continue to function. As now constituted, it can operate with vacancies on the committee.

Of the 96 Currier House students who voted, 78 favored disregarding the procedures set up by the Faculty, 11 voted in favor of these procedures, and seven voted in favor of the procedures but said they were opposed to the CRR.


According to the plan approved by the Faculty January 15, the chairman of the House committee of each House was to draw lots to pick an 11-member panel. The president of the Freshman Council was to choose a panel of 15. Each panel was to pick none, one or two of its number to participate in a larger lottery in which the chairman or vice-chairman of the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life would pick any four at random. These four were to serve on the CRR.


In all, 14 panels composed of 158 people were to be used to pick the four undergraduate members of the committee.

If a majority of students on four of the 14 panels (24 students) were in favor of the selection procedures, the CRR could obtain the four undergraduate members of the committee.

Ace Barash, co-chairman of the Currier House Committee, said last night, "I think the CRR should be boycotted. The whole thing was set up pretty cleverly. I think they tried to make this complicated and obscure to keep it from becoming a political issue."